Job and financial problems can really get you down, but Psychics and a Psychic Reading can help clear them away. In this area, my Online Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings and Psychic Medium Readings describe what kind of job you'll get and when. If you're looking at more than one job, my Online Psychic Readings can tell which is best. My Online Psychic Readings, Tarot and Psychic Medium Readings can tell if you'll change careers and when; if you'll be making more money and when; if your boss likes you and a promotion is in store; if you'll stay where you are or move to a new area. And many more secrets that Psychics, Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings and Psychic Medium Readings can tell about jobs, money and career. In my Astrology Career Assessment Readings, my Astrology Readings can tell what kind of career is best for you!

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Astrology is my passion. I created this website because i love horoscopes and I want to share to the entire world. If you want to read about how Mercury will affect you in 2018 please visit this url
What I Offer In Psychic Readings, Tarot, Psychic Medium and Astrology Readings

As one of the best of Online Psychics, I offer very accurate Psychic Readings of one to ten questions; Tarot Readings of one to ten questions; Astrology Compatibility Readings for those who would like to know how astrologically compatible they are; Astrology Career Assessment Readings for those who want to know what career they're best suited for; and other types of online psychic readings through links to my other Psychic Reading sites such as Psychic Medium Readings delivered through my very loving Spirit Guides who help psychics and psychic mediums world-wide.
Yes, Psychics know that Astrology, even more ancient than Tarot Readings, was a science before Christ! Egyptian Psychics practiced it and Babylonian Psychics before them. Astrology is a science of numbers and mathematical equations based on the time, date and place of birth in relationship to the heavens. Each of us had a pre-ordained time to be born and that moment is "page one" of our lives, describing the characteristics we arrived here with and the events of the first year. Page two, etc. is the progression, mapping out the yearly events to follow. But the wiser psychics say...the stars do not compel, they impel, so we always have free will. In my Astrology Comparison Readings, I do straight forward comparisons between two people, focusing on capatibility and love. In my Astrology Career Assessment Readings, I look up your birth chart for career potential, analyze your color choices for personality and confer with my Spirit Guides for their personal advice.
Psychics know that The Minor Arcana are akin to regular playing cards, numbering one through ten except there's an extra card called a Page, and a Knight replaces the "Jack". There are four suits, just as in regular playing cards, only in the Tarot they're called Wands (Clubs), Swords (Spades), Pentacles (Diamonds) and Cups (Hearts). Wands have to do with business and enterprise, Swords with the mind, Pentacles with finances and Cups with emotions.

Psychics are aware that The Major Arcana (or Greater Tarot Secrets) consist of twenty two psychological archetypes that call up the unconscious mind. Though all the cards are important, it is these latter tarot cards...the Major Arcana...that psychics know are so mysterious and powerful, making the Tarot a true Psychic vehicle of divination for the trained psychic mind. The Major Arcana, in numerical order with capsule definitions, are: 0-The Fool (taking a chance, new beginnings), 1-The Magician (initative), 2-The High Priestess (intuition, psychic powers), 3-The Empress (creativity, pregnancy), 4-The Emperor (authority), 5-The Hierophant (learning, tradition), 6-The Lovers (love, choice), 7-The Chariot (triumph), 8-Strength (strength of spirit, generosity), 9-The Hermit (isolation), 10-The Wheel Of Fortune (fate), 11-Justice (balance, judicial outcome), 12-The Hanged Man (stagnation), 13-Death (transformation), 14-Temperance (peace, harmony), 15-The Devil (avarice, materialism), 16-The Tower (total change, destruction) 17-The Star (hope, health), 18-The Moon (intuition, psyche), 19-The Sun (happiness, success), 20-Judgement (enlightenment), 21-The World (start of new cycle, end of old)
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